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Fast, Fresh &

          Deliciously Healthy


Each dish’s caloric value is assessed with its level of saturated fat, good fat, carbohydrates, protein and fiber to ensure the product’s high nutritional value and keep our customers well informed about their food intake whenever they visit us.

Health Stop we select only the highest quality of fresh ingredients and we employ cooking practices that do not rely on the use of fat, sugar or salt. Instead, we aim to maximize the nutritional content of our food whilst maintaining it's great taste.


Can healthy food taste good? Definitely! We’ve got you covered on that too! Many believe that dietary moderation implies eating far less of the unhealthy and tasty foods that you like and much more of the healthy stuff that you tend not to like. However, we have created a balanced menu that is designed to provide you with classic food favorites, such as our signature club sandwich and our juicy burgers, that will exceed your tastebuds’ expectations and that you can have without worrying about breaking your diet.



"It is not a short term diet. 
It is long term lifestyle change"


At Health Stop, we believe in promoting healthy lifestyles and diets by encouraging people to choose healthier and more nutritious foods. This belief has underpinned our proud company values since our establishment, driving us to provide our customers with healthy, yet delicious, foods as well as dietary tips and advice.


Knowledge is power and through greater awareness, we believe we can help people make better and healthier lifestyle choices. Health Stop gives you all the tools that you need to start including more healthy foods in your everyday meals. This is why you can find useful tips on our menu, such as Health Stop’s Recommendation Key, which organizes our food into 7 different categories: High Protein, Low Fat, Low Carb, Diabetic Friendly, Low Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Under 300 calories.

These targeted tips, combined with our broad knowledge base in healthy recipes and ingredients, enable you to design a diet that best meets your health needs and goals.