Eat Healthy, Live Healthy... Designed by the talented Studio Unltd (Otium, Bestia, The Rose Cafe, to name a few), the warm, contemporary interior and brightly lit open kitchen serve as the perfect setting to host private dining events, wedding receptions and larger buyouts.


All Day Breakfast


Spinach Omelette

Low Fat - Low Carb - Low Cholesterol - Vegetarian - Under 300 - Blood Pressure Friendly

A refreshing mixture of egg whites, spinach and cheese stuffed in an omelette with our special homemade salsa. Served with one side order of your choice.

Protein 20g / Sat Fat 2g / Good Fat 3g / Carbs 13g / Calories 170 / Fiber 4g

Price: 2.35 K.D

Egg Frittata

High Protein - Low Carb - Diabetic Friendly

Three pieces of succulent turkey bacon wrapped around a delightful mix of eggs, sweet peppers, green beans and cheese. Served with one side order of your choice.

Protein 32g / Sat Fat 7g / Good Fat 10g / Carbs 18g / Calories 402 / Fiber 6g

Price: 3.25 K.D

Steak Tips & Eggs Breakfast Platter

High Protein

Our juicy steak with a slice of turkey bacon, eggs and baked beans served with whole-wheat toast.

Protein 55g / Sat Fat 7g / Good Fat 12g / Carbs 35g / Calories 513 / Fiber 4g

Price: 3.55 K.D

Banana Protein Pancakes

Blood Pressure Friendly - High Protein - Low Cholesterol - Vegetarian

Our delicious banana syrup in between three homemade protein pancakes.

Protein 21g / Sat Fat 8g / Good Fat 12g / Carbs 58g / Calories 492 / Fiber 6g

Price: 2.5 K.D

Breakfast Burrito

High Protein - Low Fat - Low Cholesterol

A delicious mix of roasted potatoes, ketchup, homemade salsa, cheese, turkey bacon and eggs in a wrap.

Protein 33g / Sat Fat 4g / Good Fat 5g / Carbs 51g / Calories 455 / Fiber 22g

Price: 1.95 K.D & with a side order 2.25 K.D