Health Stop aims to empower our customers, employees and the wider community in Kuwait to live longer, happier and healthier lives. If you share our vision, are interested in a partnership with us and your proposal aligns with the criteria set out below, please send your contact details to

What are we looking for?

Health Stop assesses each sponsorship and partnership proposal against the following criteria.

  • Strongly align with health and wellness (for example – they encourage healthy lifestyle choices).
  • Offer a tailored, quality range of benefits at least consistent with the level of partnership investment requested.
  • Assist in building awareness of the Health Stop brand.
  • Be capable of generating positive local or national media coverage.
  • Offer opportunities for Health Stop and our employees to get involved with the local community.

What is a Health Stop Sponsorship?

A Health Stop Sponsorship is a partnership with an organization or a group of individuals in exchange for benefits that typically include:

  • High profile audience exposure through participation, signage and advertising.
  • The right to use the sponsor’s brands in Health Stop’s marketing and communication.
  • The target audience and purpose of the program is suitable for Health Stop and includes messages regarding the sale / promotion of Health Stop products and services.

What is a Health Stop Partnership?

A Health Stop Partnership is generally from a community group, not for profit or registered charity where the benefits allow for:

  • Community benefits through an awareness program or fundraising cause that focuses on keeping people well.
  • Enhancing Health Stop’s corporate reputation and brand.
  • Employee involvement opportunities associated with the partnership.